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3HAB 2038-1
Product Code:  ABB3.6D  (3HAB 2038-1)

Price:           34.99 each

Quantity Discounts Available

Call 740-743-6440 for details
Replaces ABB 3HAB 2038-1 and 4944026-5
Highest quality cell available
Most quantities in stock
1-year warranty against defects in craftsmanship
10-year shelf life

Size: D
Connector: OEM Connector
Chemistry: Primary Lithium (Thionyl Chloride)
Nominal capacity: 16.5 Ah (to 2v @ +20°C)
Nominal voltage: 3.6 V
Maximum continuous current: 230 mA
Operating temperature range: -55 to 85°C
Length: 60.0 mm (excluding shrink wrap)
Diameter: 33.6 mm (excluding shrink wrap)
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